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Welcome to Tandem. We were formerly known as DevMynd. Read more about our new identity.

Apprentice Program

Our apprenticeship program is the best expression of one of Tandem's core values: continuous learning and improvement.

The program is geared towards individuals who have no prior professional experience as a programmer or designer but may have gone through a degree program or bootcamp. The objective is to help take someone from basic knowledge to being a full-fledged contributor in one of our practice areas. Apprenticeship positions are paid and include health insurance and other benefits.

We typically expect apprentices to be in the program for 3 to 12 months depending on skill level and progress. Each apprentice is assigned a mentor who will help guide the process and provide feedback along the way.

Apprentices will spend the bulk of their time pairing directly with senior engineers and designers working on real-world client projects. Apprentices can also expect to work on several different projects throughout the course of the program — we believe that this variety allows exposure to an array of technologies, people, techniques, and tools. We also expect apprentices to build soft skills in consulting and refine their abilities around communication and collaboration. They may also spend some time on learning efforts like reading, blogging, and personal projects.

After completing an apprenticeship, the Tandem team will evaluate whether an apprentice is a good candidate for a full-time junior consulting position. We’ve had great success so far and look forward to long-term working relationships with our apprentices after they graduate from the program.

We have apprenticeships in both design and software development. We are currently not accepting applications, but check back soon!

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Apprentice Program