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September 8, 2014

Welcoming Sarah Mei

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

We are excited to announce today that Sarah Mei will be joining Tandem as our Chief Consultant. Sarah comes from a long background in software development and consulting and we’re happy to bring that experience into the Tandem family.

Over the last few years Sarah has been spending about half of her time working on client projects and the other half writing, speaking, teaching, and working on open source. We are looking forward to helping her continue that trend. You may recognize Sarah from her numerous conference talks and her excellent blog, if not we’d encourage you to check them out.

As Chief Consultant, Sarah will focus a good portion of her time giving her knowledge and experience back to the community, and further distinguishing Tandem as a leader in the practice of delivering high-quality software. And, in collaboration with Joe Hirn, our Practice Lead, she will help us continue to refine our practices and define the Tandem Way as we grow and expand our business and offerings over the next few years.

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