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Welcome to Tandem. We were formerly known as DevMynd. Read more about our new identity.

Dinner + Panel: Evolution of Application Architecture.

Thursday, February 21 2019

Swift & Sons
1000 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607
06:00 PM
During our dinner and panel discussion, we'll be discussing trends in application architecture seem to come in new waves every few years. With the transition to the cloud being relatively ubiquitous in business today new patterns are emerging. What are these patterns and how can micro-services, server-less, blockchain, and other technologies be used to create more robust and maintainable systems?  

About Tandem Executive Network

  Every leader is tasked with pushing their respective organization forward. The pace of the market and the ever-evolving needs of employees and customers alive make each day a new challenge for leadership. The mission of the Tandem Executive Network (TEN) is to create opportunities for business leaders to share their insights into tackling their challenges. Through a series of thoughtfully curated content heavy events, aiming to raise the bar of discourse around innovation, design, technology, and leadership.
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