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Tandem Executive Network: The Business Value of Design

Tuesday, July 16 2019

Tech Nexus
20 N Wacker, 12th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606
07:30 AM
Great design and user experience can form a powerful combination in the battle to differentiate and compete in your markets. The Design Management Institute (DMI) studied the S&P companies over a 10 year period of time and found that design-led organizations outperformed their peers by 228%, a truly staggering figure. It’s not enough for your products and services to be useful, they must now also be holistic, connected, and pleasing to use.

Many companies have invested in building user experience and design teams but do not achieve this kind of return, despite some being quite mature. So how are these outstanding companies using design and user experience to propel them so far ahead of their competition? And, how are they keeping that competitive edge over the long term?

Join us for a moderated discussion with Shay Howe, VP of Design at Activecampaign, as we ponder, discuss, and learn about the competitive advantage that design can offer an organization in today’s challenging marketplace.

A Note on This Event:  Tandem Executive Network events are for senior technology, product, and design leaders at the VP/Director level and up.  In order to keep up the level of discourse and to share relevant insights, registrants who do not fit this profile may not be approved.
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