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What We’re Thankful For


During this season of gratitude, the Tandem team is giving thanks for some of the tools that make our work a little easier:

“I’m thankful for the way Figma facilitates pairing for designers, particularly when working from home during the isolating and distressing events of 2020. Figma supports multiple teammates working in the same file at the same time, which makes pairing so much more accessible. While working remotely on a project together, Taher and I discovered that we did our best, most focused work when we could pair together. It helped us shut out distractions, give and get feedback immediately, and create momentum by building off each other’s ideas. When working in Figma we could simply jump on an audio call, completely avoiding the passivity of screen sharing and watching each other drive.”

Eli, Design


“I’m thankful for automated testing (specifically Cypress) because while the test suite is running, I can look outside my window and space out and anyone who walks by can be really impressed as my computer magically moves cursors and types things on its own. I’m also thankful for Gather because the company can hang out as 2D sprites and run around.”

Meo, Engineering


“Open source! The fact that so many individuals across so many walks of life, backgrounds, industries and even rival companies spend their (overwhelmingly unpaid) time solving problems we all share is mind-blowing. It lets us focus on the things that are specific to our clients’ businesses because we’re not constantly reinventing the wheel. We can be safer together because security vulnerabilities are found and fixed by sincere and enthusiastic like-minded developers around the world. It makes for democratized access to the life/culture/society/world-changing power of technology. It has to be the greatest collaborative endeavor in human history, and it’s all out there for anyone to use, supported by untold thousands of people lending a hand by creating, maintaining, and teaching to move us all forward together.”

Aji, Engineering


“I’m thankful for Plant version control. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better than asking people if they have a Sketch file open. So, for the times we’re using Sketch, Plant is a must.”

Julia, Design


“Version control and git! Engineers make mistakes like everyone, but git and version control help to make most of those mistakes reversible. More than that though, because of git, our software is easier to debug (git bisect), allows teams of engineers to work together asynchronously on the same codebase, and it provides documentation and a changelog for our project (commit messages).”

Mina, Engineering


“This is a silly pick: CodeCommit, because without it, the development process would be a little too easy.”

Jesse, Engineering

We’re so thankful for the clients, colleagues, and friends that together form our Tandem community. Wishing you a safe and restful Thanksgiving!

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