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Craft beer at the push of a button

The Challenge

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB-InBev) is a Belgian multinational beverage and brewing company. Their brand portfolio includes Budweiser, Modelo, and Stella Artois products. As more consumers develop an interest in homebrewing and craft beer, more of AB-InBev’s market share is up for grabs. AB-InBev wanted a piece of that growing market and to expand their business into the homebrew space.

In partnership with a hardware design firm, AB-InBev and Tandem created Whym, a quick, brew at home device that would allow customers interested in homebrew to make beer using an alcohol base and flavor packets of malt and hops.

Tandem conceived and designed a mobile application to work specifically with the hardware component which, in future iterations, would become a smart device connected over Bluetooth. Features included a guided walkthrough on how to use the hardware, interactive recipes with timer and notifications, and an online community allowing for sharing of new recipes and ideas.

This exploration through prototyping and user validation testing allowed AB-InBev to further understand the homebrew consumer. The work on Whym eventually made its way into other products and services and has improved the way that AB-InBev approaches this unique market.