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Booth School of Business

Impacting the leadership of tomorrow

The Challenge

The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business is frequently recognized as one of the top educational institutions in the world. Each student who completes the program at Booth will face totally unique challenges in the marketplace that will test the skills gained while completing their program.

In today’s competitive economy, it’s not enough to simply understand business best practices. To be successful, students must also have strong communication and people management skills, as well as stellar leadership skills.

Booth engaged with Tandem to develop a brand new, more innovative approach to soft skill development that would not only give students access to written feedback, but empower them with data to better judge and improve their encounters with their peers.

Tandem created a solution to empower students and increase engagement. We built a custom mobile application where students are able to manage “action skills,” assign notes and due dates to the action skills, as well as rate individual performance notes using a sliding scale. The Performance Tracker allows students to share their progress with their peers and allows feedback to be requested and given via the mobile interface.

Essentially, Tandem took what was previously a pen and paper process and made it into a mobile application that saves data, allows for interpersonal communication, and reminds users to request and give feedback, all of which help students be successful in their studies.

Since releasing the app, students have given feedback to Booth that the Performance Tracker has been a game changer for them. They make note of the power of writing something actionable down as a motivator to improve their skills and speak to the importance of breaking out of their comfort zones to be successful.