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Understanding students to improve instructor outcomes

Udemy serves 65,000 online courses led by expert instructors through video and other rich content. As a two-sided marketplace, Udemy must drive student traffic but also ensure they are providing high-quality instructional content. Part of providing great content is giving course instructors tools to help them improve what they’re bringing to the table.

Udemy engaged Tandem to design a custom solution to help their instructors better understand and serve students. Using our design-thinking process we identified potential ways to encourage instructors to create courses that would attract and retain students.

We used data on which topics and specific courses were popular and trending. As a result, we were able to benchmark an instructor’s content for its relevance. The next challenge was presenting this data in a way that was insightful and intuitive to these content creators. Our digital design team worked through a number of iterations to refine a visual communication tool until it was easily understood by users.

The new tool has helped instructors gain traction and has increased the number of engaged users on the Udemy platform.