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A financial roadmap when it matters most

The Challenge

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing they want to worry about while getting well is the cost of their treatment. That’s where Vivor comes in. With a mission to reduce bad debt in the healthcare system as well as eliminate cost as a barrier to quality care, Vivor helps providers and patients engage pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits, government agencies, and other charitable organizations to help pay for cancer treatment.

There are hundreds if not thousands of assistance programs available to support the cost of cancer treatment. However, finding which programs a patient is eligible for and how an application can be submitted can be a cumbersome or even impossible process. Vivor provides a platform to connect the needs of patients with the right assistance programs.

Tandem conceptualized, designed, and built a HIPAA-compliant custom web application that allows financial assistance navigators at oncology centers to enter pertinent patient information. Based on the diagnosis, type of treatment, and demographics the system used a matching engine to recommend potential assistance programs. The tool also helped to guide the application process.

Since implementation, Vivor’s platform has allowed 72% of patients who go through the system to identify new financial assistance options – an average of 4 eligible programs per patient. This increased awareness and access is changing the game for patients who need help the most.