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We believe in creating products and services that have a positive impact on life, society, and business.

The Impact Sector
We are driven by the belief that well-crafted experiences have an impact on life, society, and business. We believe the most meaningful changes exist in what we call the Impact Sector: health, education, safety, sustainability, and nourishment.

These five areas are common to every human on the planet and we believe there are opportunities for every company to make a positive impact on society with their products and services.  While we work with a broad set of industries, we are especially excited to partner with clients on projects that touch the Impact Sector.

Bringing innovation to learning.
The world around us is constantly changing and learning is how we adapt to this change. Whether it’s a young student in primary school, a graduate student pursuing an MBA, or an experienced worker leveling up on the job we all need to become smarter to succeed.

Technology applied to make us healthier.
Our health is our most precious asset and in our modern world, new innovations are helping us get healthy and stay healthier longer. We believe that human-centered design, artificial intelligence, advanced medical devices, and integrated software will continue to push the envelope in healthcare. Whether it’s an application to help cancer patients find financial aid for treatment or a pharmaceutical company optimizing their research plan, Tandem can help your organization innovate in health.

Innovation in how we feed our world.
To keep up with the expansion of the global population, the food and agriculture industries are using technology to overcome unique challenges. How can digital transformation improve this industry and keep people fed? By leveraging data to minimize waste, maximizing crop yields, or using geo-mapping technology – there are plenty of ways technology can disrupt this age-old industry.

Innovation in safety technology.
Protecting our families, community, and employees is a complex problem. Dangerous situations, both everyday and extraordinary, come in many forms. Whether you’re trying to protect your supply chain safety, food production, or keep your security staff up-to-date on current circumstances, custom software can bring it all together.

Technology protecting our environment.
There are exciting and innovative ways software is helping to ensure the sustainability of our planet and natural resources. How might new technologies change the way we recycle, conserve, protect, and improve the world around us? By equipping these applied technologies with intelligently designed software, we begin to see scalable effects that create a positive change.

Let’s do something great together

We do our best work in close collaboration with our clients. Let’s find some time for you to chat with a member of our team.

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