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Custom Web Apps

Custom Web Apps

Building your next great software project with modern technologies.
Our Web App Technologies

Bringing distributed computing and vertical scaling to web development.

Elixir is a dynamic language that is built on the Erlang VM known for running low-latency, fault-tolerant systems. The Elixir language is expressive like Ruby or Python, but also brings the advantages of a functional language such as Haskell or Clojure – it’s truly the best of both worlds.

Phoenix is a web framework for Elixir that borrows it’s paradigm from the Ruby-on-Rails community. It is a modern “batteries included” framework that is particularly well suited for building distributed and scalable APIs and back-end services.

Why we love Elixir and Phoenix…

It’s Very, Very Fast

There’s no other way to say it, Elixir and Phoenix are fast. If your web application or back-end service needs blazing, concurrent throughput, then look no further. And because Elixir is built on the Erlang VM we can take advantage of all the distributed capabilities of Erlang to scale both vertically and horizontally.

Fault-Tolerance and Immutability

The functional nature of Elixir means that we can rely on increased safety from errors caused by mutable (changing) data. And Elixir includes the concept of “supervisors” which create a fault-tolerant layer that can in many instances self-recover from errors and crashes.

Comfortable Syntax and API

While many functional languages have a LISP-based syntax, the Elixir syntax and Phoenix API are heavily inspired by Ruby and Rails respectively. This makes them very comfortable to developers who come from an object-oriented background which reduces the time to ramp up on these exciting new tools.

Building high-performance user interfaces with rich interactivity.

In recent years we have worked with many front-end frameworks: Ember, Backbone, Angular, Vue, etc – but none have achieved React’s level of productivity and approachability. React is our number one choice for building amazing client-side/single-page applications. And the tools for managing data and connecting to the back end (GraphQL, Redux, etc) are making it even easier to build these rich experiences.

Why we love React…

Flexible Component Architecture

React uses a component architecture to render and update user interfaces. This model breaks complex UIs down into smaller pieces and then composes the overall view. Using this approach creates opportunities for code reuse and it’s declarative syntax/API is a joy to work with.

Fast Rendering

JavaScript frameworks authors like to brag about speed but React really delivers. The library itself is small and compact and is blazingly fast in modern browsers.

Energized and Stable Community

React is a fully open-source library but it is supported and originally released by Facebook. Because of this pedigree it has a robust following and very active ecosystem with frequent updates to the core framework.

Making quality custom web development highly productive.

When Ruby-on-Rails was first released in 2004 and sparked a major revolution in how developers build web applications and services. DevMynd has been using Rails since the beginning, we’ve released hundreds of Rails apps, and have contributed to the Rails open source community – in short, we’re experts.

Why we love Ruby, and Rails…

A Highly Productive Paradigm

Rails introduced the concept of Convention Over Configuration, a pragmatic philosophy that helps developers focus on the business domain not the fiddly details. Rails is a “batteries included” framework that gives developers almost everything they need to build a web application. In our experience, Rails is considerably more productive than most other common web frameworks.

Vibrant Community Ecosystem

The Rails community has been going strong (and growing) for almost 14 years. New versions of the framework are released regularly with new and innovative features and security patches. And, the open source community around Rails is enormous with thousands of supporting libraries and packages made specifically to work with Rails. This community drives the platform forward and makes it better every day.

Rails & React Better Together

The Rails framework pairs perfectly with modern front-end JavaScript frameworks and provides many facilities to build rich web applications more easily. At DevMynd we prefer React.js which works brilliantly with Rails.

Easy Deployment and Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is the best way to control costs and reduce operational complexity associated with running a web application. The Rails ecosystem includes many tools that make deploying Rails apps to the cloud extremely easy, and scalable. Yes, Rails in fact can scale!