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Starting from scratch is exciting, but we understand it can be daunting too — that’s why we’re here to help. If you have no existing software to determine the architecture and design of your product, Tandem’s team will conduct extensive user research, help with product definition, and set goals for iterative deliverables. Ultimately, we want to build you the most adaptable and maintainable software system for your business goals.

Product Definition

Using our four-step approach to product definition, our multidisciplinary team will define a vision for your software that is both bold and implementable. We’ll build and test prototypes to confirm that your product upholds your vision and is effective from the get-go.

Read more about our product definition process

Making Your Vision a Reality

Ideas are exciting, but they can’t make a difference until they are put into action. Our team moves seamlessly from the product definition phase into implementation, using an agile process to constantly test and iterate as we go. Throughout the process, you’ll stay in constant contact with our design and development team: we see no need to gatekeep your work in progress.

Building for Longevity

When choosing languages, frameworks, and hosting services for your product, Tandem’s software engineers will carefully consider your technical requirements, financial realities, and user needs. We will recommend tools that allow your product to adapt and grow as it matures, and deliver a product that you can maintain easily.

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