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Licensing your software for whitelabel use is a great way to offset the cost of its development. Tandem’s team of software engineers and product designers can architect your digital product for dynamic content, branding, and domains.

Minimizing Customization Costs

When designing whitelabel products, we consider the customization your customers will need and the elements that should remain fixed. Defining customization guardrails will lower your product maintenance costs and curb the need to invest time in individually customizing your product for customers. When we deliver your product, we’ll include thoughtful design documentation to streamline the process.

Multitenant Architecture

Our engineers use their expertise in Ruby on Rails to allow multitenancy and allow you to isolate individual customers, even if they are using the same hardware or software components. We will determine what type of multitenant architecture best suits your needs so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time scaling up your product.

Customizable software, custom-made for you.

Let’s talk about your product, customers, and goals – send us a message to get the conversation started.

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