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Designing for Complex Applications

Tandem’s team of product designers and software engineers specializes in working with complex B2B applications. Whether it’s large databases, layered processes, or complicated user flows, we’re ready to dive in.

Working Agile

Using information architecture tools, sitemaps, user flows, service blueprints, and other resources, we will make design decisions that simplify the software’s complexity, and we will document every step of the way. As a B2B software company, our agile process allows us to move quickly without getting mired down in the complexities that often come with legacy software development.

Working in Tandem

Your project’s multidisciplinary team will include product designers and software engineers working together to bring simplicity and clarity to your B2B software. Decisions about data complexity aren’t siloed off to development or design: our combined expertise lets us build for your future success.

Not sure where to start? We got this.

We aren’t intimidated by complexity — we’re excited to dive in! Let’s get started!

Let’s Talk