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Product Definition

It all begins with an idea. Let’s make it a reality! Through careful planning, research, and ideation, we’ll turn your back-of-napkin notes into a defined product vision.



Who do we want to work with? Who should we talk to? What should we ask them? Who do you have access to, and who would we need to gain access to? During this phase, we’ll create our game plan for accomplishing your goals throughout the new software product development process.



Next, we put the custom software product development plan into action and gather insights. Using mixed-methods research, Tandem’s team dives into your users’ and stakeholders’ worlds. Throughout this step we carefully document our interviews, data, and insights so they’re available to revisit throughout your software product’s lifecycle.



We share learnings with your full team and deliver an insight report detailing your users’ pain points and needs. We’ll provide clear qualitative and quantitative documentation to back up these user insights, giving you the details needed to confidently advocate for your users in conversations with investors and board members.



Finally, we translate these insights into a product opportunity. We will provide benchmarks both within and outside of your industry, recommendations for how to solve your users’ problems, and workarounds for your pain points. This foundational document becomes the product vision for your new software application — and because our software engineers have been involved throughout the project, you can rest assured that the vision is attainable, realistic, and ready to be brought to life.

It’s time to articulate your product vision.

Let’s have a conversation about how to get started.

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