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Technical Discovery

When you want to build on an existing code base, it’s imperative that its foundations are strong. During technical discovery, Tandem’s experienced, language-agnostic software engineers provide code review and code audit services to determine whether your software is in solid shape to be extendable.

Empathy During Discovery

Whether it’s for speed, costs, or company politics, sometimes you have to make tradeoffs over your software’s lifespan. We get it! During technical discovery, Tandem’s software consultants won’t draw conclusions about the decisions that made sense at the time. Instead, we’re here to provide options that make your product stronger for the future.

Realistic Tech Debt Management

It isn’t always possible — or advisable — to rewrite your software from the ground up. We will help you evaluate what technical debt is okay to keep and work around and what technical debt is going to actually prevent your use case from being effective. Tandem’s software consultants will also help you define a strategy for when to pay down your debt: right away, later on, or as you go. The process to reduce technical debt can be challenging, but we’re here to make it easier.

People-First Development

Tandem’s software engineers have worked with codebases that span languages, industries, and scale. That makes us well-positioned to recommend improvements based on good testing practices, maintainable code, and industry standards that will help future developers intuitively understand the code. The goal of our software code reviews is to leave your codebase better than we found it: for your end users, stakeholders, and engineers. One of the strengths of this approach is that it makes it easier to hire and build your team, and reduces onboarding time for new team members.

Greenfield Discovery

If you’re building a brand new code base, we can help you discover which language, framework, and architecture is right for you. Our team will take into consideration any existing development work, your in-house engineering expertise, and the technical requirements of the application. You’ll walk away with end-to-end recommendations for your greenfield project, from codebase and deployment to hosting and DevOps.

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Discovery for Discovery’s Sake

We believe a strong foundation will lead to a great product — even if we aren’t the team who ultimately builds it. That’s why we provide code review services and technical debt management consultation as a stand-alone service, not just as a component of our larger-scoped projects. We’ll help your team understand and prioritize the improvements that will make your software nimble, maintainable, and strong.

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