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Workshops & Design Sprints

Sometimes, your biggest priorities are the toughest to tackle. A well-designed multi-disciplinary workshop can make a big difference! Let Tandem’s engaging and approachable workshop leaders bring your team together with exercises designed to build cohesion and make real progress toward your goal.

Team-Transforming Workshops

Whether it’s a component of a larger engagement or an internal project, design workshops can transform a team. By providing focused, timeboxed space for the team to align, Tandem’s workshops help generate ideas, boost comradery, and find consensus as quickly as possible.

Join an Immersive Process

Let’s pull your project team together — designers, developers, and stakeholders — and work in tandem to reach your goals. Throughout the day or week, our workshop leaders will lead the group through applicable exercises and tear down jargon walls to immerse everyone in the process of building a product team.

We aren’t the kind of consultants who leave you with a long, useless PowerPoint presentation.

By the end of the workshop, we want your team to be empowered to move forward with what’s important. We’ll create a customized workshop based on your team’s needs.