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Career Paths at Tandem

Our career paths at Tandem provide guidance to our individual team members as well as to our managers and mentors who support the team’s career growth. No two individuals’ careers unfold the same way, and we don’t expect that to happen at Tandem: what is outlined below should be allowed a certain degree of flexibility, and will be updated regularly.

At Tandem, we believe in supporting you at the pace that works best for you. Career growth is often associated with access to opportunity. Our goal is to find and create opportunities in areas where you want to grow your skills. We believe in sponsoring people for stretch opportunities, and also keep the door open for you to find opportunities we haven’t thought of before.


Each stage in the career path includes three components:

In general all of these should build on each other as you progress through the stages, each inheriting the points of the preceding stages.

Responsibilities & Impact

The things you need to do and how they impact Tandem and our clients

Technical Skills

A measure of the design or engineering skills that you may have acquired in a particular stage

Professional & Consulting Skills

A measure of the professional and consulting skills you may have acquired in a particular stage

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A Note on Typical Prior Years of Experience

Each stage of the career path includes “typical years of prior experience.” This is just a guideline based on what we see in the industry. This is by no means a rule but is provided to further help us benchmark ourselves and candidates as they come into the company. In terms of advancement at Tandem some people will enter a new title early as it relates to the benchmark, some later, depending on their progress in the components of each position.

A Note on Salary Bands

We believe that transparency in salary bands promotes equality amongst our employees. And Tandem, as an employer, has an obligation to make opportunities for all of our team members as equitably as possible. We also believe that salaries should not be fixed, as individuals should be compensated based on their performance and impact to the organization. So, our salary bands widen as you progress toward the later stages of the path. This allows for more senior team members to choose for themselves how they want to invest in Tandem, our culture, our public profile, and our clients — and be compensated in kind.

Salary bands will be evaluated on a regular basis against the job market. Our goal is to be competitive with market salaries but also to recognize the significant intangible benefits at Tandem, including: industry-leading work/life balance, highly competitive medical benefits, a collaborative and people-focused culture, and a desire to seek meaningful and fulfilling work. Salary bands may be periodically adjusted for market and cost-of-living influences. As such, our career paths will be updated from time to time.


Baseline Responsibilities and Impact

The following are the baseline responsibilities and attributes Tandem expects from all designers and engineers (Apprentice through Principal):

  • Demonstrates Tandem’s core values consistently
  • Contributes to Tandem’s culture in a positive way, fostering inclusion, encouraging others, and collaborating as a team
  • Thoughtfully provides feedback to their team members in performance reviews, retrospectives, and on an ad-hoc basis including positive recognition and identifying opportunities for growth
  • Raises Tandem’s profile in the community through:
    • Writing at least 2 blog posts each year
    • Participating in Tandem sponsored community events and meetups
    • Considering to submit proposals to speak at conferences
    • Considering to contribute to open source
  • Engages in our hiring process by joining phone screens, code reviews, and interviews
  • Works with the Tandem sales team when called upon to assist in discovery, scoping, and estimation of projects
  • Provides support with Software Managed Services when necessary
  • Positively represents the Tandem team in all interactions with the client, supporting our team and our work with integrity. As consultants, our clients view every interaction with an individual as an interaction with the team as a whole.
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Career Paths