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Climate Corporation

Empowering farmers with data-driven decisions

Climate Corporation is an agtech firm that aims to help farmers make better decisions using data. They deploy both in-field and tractor-integrated hardware and software to help farmers make the best decision possible for their planting strategy, irrigation, chemical application, and seed selection. They combine telemetry data from farm equipment, real-time monitoring of soil conditions, and hyper-local climate information to power these insights.

Over the next few decades, the world population is expected to increase by 50%. This anticipated rapid growth poses unique challenges to farmers and food producers. And, companies like Climate are helping farmers do more with fewer resources.

Tandem engaged with Climate to build and deploy an IoT sensor data pipeline and mobile application platform. This set of real-time tools gives farmers data and insights wherever they are, whether in-field or back at the office. And, the more data that they collect the richer the insights and recommendations become.

Today, Climate’s FieldView system monitors over 40 million acres of farmland. The product has helped over 15,000 farmers to improve their annual outcomes – saving cost while improving yield.