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Motorola Solutions

Creating a complete operating picture

Motorola Solutions serves over 100,000 public safety and commercial customers worldwide. Their focus is on helping teams better communicate and collaborate, especially in high-pressure situations where success is critical. Their product and solutions line is extensive, including radio systems, telecommunications back-end products, software, and complete command-center and dispatch systems.

Large customers will commonly have involve hundreds or thousands of different products or services in active deployment. For those who manage these systems it can be difficult to understand the full operating picture. What is the status of my networks? Where are certain products in their support lifecycle? What radios are deployed to what subscribers? All important questions to keeping a large deployment operating at peak performance.

Several years ago Motorola released a portal called MyView to solve the problem of consolidating an operating picture. However, the UX/UI of the product was fragmented and difficult to understand. As a partner of Motorola, Tandem was engaged to help reimagine MyView from the ground up. Through our human-centered design approach and our design experience, we were able to help align the UX and UI with the goals of real users. This resulted in a system that was easier to comprehend and more extensible for the the future as Motorola integrated more products and streams of information.