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Insights For a Better Media Buying Strategy

Nielsen is one of the world’s largest media and sales analytics firms. Their Media Buying and Engagement tool (MBE) allows media managers to optimize their media buying strategy for the greatest return on investment. However, the original version of the tool was difficult to understand and users had trouble interpreting the data it exposed – the product needed a UX and visual design overhaul.

Tandem engaged with Nielsen to redesign the MBE tool from the ground up with the goal to reimagine the way the users simulate and forecast the outcomes of various media buying scenarios. Our research team worked with Nielsen stakeholders to understand the needs of the users and the technical capabilities of the analytics back-end. Our UX and UI design team worked through a series of new user interface iterations to refine data visualizations and workflows.

The new MBE user interface has improved the overall usability of the product which has reduced support requests and complaints. The new data visualizations and workflow have allowed media managers to gain new insights into the value of various media strategies and has improved the overall performance of campaigns.