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iOS and Swift

iOS and Swift

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Our Mobile App Technologies

Building your next great mobile idea.

Google’s Android has taken the world by storm, becoming one of today’s most common computing platforms. But there are also a plethora of challenges in contending with a variety of device types, hardware limitations, and operating system versions. It’s important to hire an experienced team to tackle these challenges and ensure your Android app is built on a solid foundation.

UX and Design for Android

Just like iOS, Android apps have their own distinct aesthetic and interaction model. Our design and UX teams use the best-practice guidelines so our apps feel consistent and comfortable to Android users.

The Kotlin Programming Language

The choice of programming language can have a profound impact on the quality of the end result and the productivity of the development team. We like the Kotlin language for Android because of its flexibility and concise syntax.

Building your next great mobile idea.

The iPhone and iPad have revolutionized mobile computing over the last 10 years – and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. With Apple’s more recent release of the Swift programming language, developers now have an amazing new way to write for iOS platforms.

The Apple Developer Ecosystem

The tools and libraries that Apple has provided to developers are nothing short of best-in-class. Everything from UIKit, to CoreData, to ARKit, allow us to build amazing and rich interfaces for iOS devices. Whether you’re building a business app with heavy data needs, a rich 3D interface, or a voice-driven AI program, Apple’s core libraries provide the building blocks.

Automated Test and Deploy

As with all of our development efforts, we take a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach to ensure quality, reduce complexity, and increase maintainability. Developing apps for iOS is no exception. Every app we build comes with an automated test suite and build/deploy process that helps make development easier and gives our clients a short feedback loop to review work-in-progress.

Native Performance and Feel

Nothing beats the feel of a user interface that’s purpose-built for the device on which it runs. Apple’s UI design guidelines are perfectly tailored for the human-factors of the iPhone and iPad. We take great care to make sure our apps use these best-practices to guarantee that users have the best experience with your app.

Launch cross-platform custom mobile apps faster.

React Native is a platform for building mobile apps that allows you to target both iOS and Android platforms with a single code base. And, you get native performance and interoperability.

The library comes from the development team at Facebook and is a JavaScript framework for building native user interfaces. This allows developers to use well-known technologies and a single code base to deploy robust cross-platform experiences.

Code Sharing Means…

Faster Time-to-Market

Being able to share up to 90% of the code between iOS and Android means that we can build your mobile app faster and with a smaller team of developers. React Native also provides excellent facilities to drop down to the core OS level if you do need a tweak to Android or iOS- specific feature.

Reduced Ongoing Maintenance Cost

Because upgrades and bug fixes can be made to both platforms simultaneously, we can keep the code base in sync throughout the lifecycle of the app. This means that maintenance costs are reduced and a fix for one platform is a fix for the other.

Improved Developer Tools

Because we develop for React Native in a single code base, and in a simple JavaScript environment, we can use a common set of tools. Developers don’t need to be experts at both XCode and Android Studio and can rely on their existing knowledge.

No Compromise on Performance

React Native is well ahead of other cross-platform technologies like Cordova, Ionic, and Xamarin. Those tools generally either produce intermediate code or simply wrap a web page in a mobile wrapper. React Native, in contrast, produces native bytecode for iOS and Android meaning there is no translation layer to chew up CPU performance. React Native apps are as fast as apps written in Swift or Java.