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Working at Tandem: McKenzie, Product Designer

McKenzie Landorf Design


How would you describe Tandem’s work-life balance?

Tandem really prioritizes work-life balance. We have a concept called core working hours, and that’s from 10am-4pm. Those are the hours that meetings can be scheduled with teammates and clients.

When the workday is done, everyone encourages everyone else to log off, close the computer, and go pursue those things that you love to do outside of work — whether that’s being with friends and family, going for a run or a bike, reading a book, or watching movies and TV shows.

How does Tandem support your career growth?

Tandem supports career growth in a number of ways.

There is an individual yearly learning budget for each person at Tandem, and we can use that in a variety of ways to further our careers: to buy books, sometimes we read them together in a book club or individually, and to attend conferences both in-person and virtual.

We are constantly finding and sharing articles with one another in our Slack channels. As well, there is a weekly design critique meeting where we can provide each other with constructive feedback on our designs and different endeavors to help us grow.

How do you collaborate with other teams in the company?

Tandem has it in the name — it’s together!

All the teams work hard to collaborate and come together often. I’m a designer, but I regularly interact with the developers.

We have weekly dev-design syncs to keep us all on the same page and ask questions regularly within our project teams. And we also have Thursday Shares, helping us come together as a company and cover a variety of topics, from marketing, dev, design, and more.

Want to work with McKenzie and the rest of the Tandem team? Visit our Careers page and apply for an open role!

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