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Working at Tandem: Taher, Product Designer

Taher Motiwalla Design


How has your career grown since starting at Tandem?

The great thing about Tandem is that we work in pairs. And since I’ve started here, I’ve gotten to pair with senior designers and watch how they tackle different sections of the design process.

I’ve gotten to see firsthand how a more senior designer would go about doing different user research methods, go about scaling and producing a ton of high-fidelity mockups to put into production, and then test those concepts.

So from watching and doing alongside other more experienced designers, I’ve been able to really level up from a solo designer to someone that is leading design efforts and design work on different projects at Tandem.

How do you collaborate with other teams in the company?

Again, we work in pairs, so pairs within our functional group, like pairs of designers, but we also work with pairs of developers.

So typically we’ll come together at the start of a project with developers, designers, product team members, [and] put together a plan for how the project is going to operate and what the project roadmap is. We’ll usually be on daily meetings with developers just providing updates, showing them design mocks, getting their feedback on it.

At the end of a project, usually there’s a lot of leeway and collaboration as we try to make what the developers built match the designs as faithfully as possible.

How does your team reward individual success?

We have a lot of different channels for showing love to different members of our team.

We have a kudos channel on our Slack; that’s a great place where a lot of people will just shout out a team member that they want to show some love to.

We have a daily Lightning Round and a couple of other weekly standing meetings that people can take some time to just give credit to somebody who’s worked really hard on something or just in general, give somebody credit for being a really awesome teammate.

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