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ampliFI Loyalty Solutions

Making loyalty rewarding

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions provides fully outsourced, customized credit and debit card loyalty programs exclusively focused on banks and credit unions nationwide. They currently work with 2,000+ banks and credit unions across the United States. ampliFI’s online rewards portal is a whitelabel product that their clients’ customers use to redeem loyalty points for rewards like event tickets, merchandise, charitable donations, or even cash.

The Challenge

ampliFI’s clients liked their custom-branded rewards portals, but the ampliFI engineering team had to spend hours manually building each one — and even small changes meant more dev time. To scale their software product, ampliFI needed a solution that empowered clients to self-service their portal’s branding needs.

To enable their ability to grow, ampliFI engaged Tandem’s team of software consultants to work toward these goals:

  • Find opportunities for self-service help on the site to reduce customer support workload.
  • Find opportunities to upsell rewards based on customer segmentation.
  • Reduce the friction for customers as they navigate from site entry to redemption by providing a more modern user experience.
  • Migrate the software from on-premises to the cloud.
  • Provide intuitive site customization for the financial institutions who use the software.

User Testing & Research



Assessing the Competitive Landscape

The rewards redemption space includes several competitors, but we know consumers aren’t just comparing ampliFI’s rewards portal with other financial websites: Tandem’s product design team dove in to glean best practices from Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, and other consumer giants. By looking outside the industry for benchmarks, we ensured that consumers will get the same high-quality, intuitive experience that they expect from all retail websites.

Reducing Friction with Journey Maps

Working in partnership with ampliFI’s IT team, it became apparent that users were frustrated by the bottlenecks they had to navigate before they could redeem their rewards. To combat that friction, the Tandem team added ways for users to navigate more smoothly from their financial institutions’ homepages directly to the most popular rewards, including cash back. Previously, account holders had to access an online catalog, select “cash back,” and navigate to a checkout page. Now, users can access cash back directly and skip the checkout.

Tandem’s software engineers collaborated with the ampliFI development team on API design for 30+ endpoints

What We Delivered

Influenced by these findings, Tandem’s team produced a modern user interface that can be easily customized with each financial institution’s branding.



Our team developed, tested, and shipped multiple modules over the course of the project. Some highlights include:

Responsive Layouts

Branded UI Components

Single-Sign-On Login

Form Wizard

Unsaved Changed Modal

Node Proxy Server

Remove Data Fetching & Caching

Global Data Store

Iconography & Accessibility

Tandem’s product designers created a custom icon library for ampliFI’s reward redemption portal. The icons are easily recolored to match each financial institution’s individual brand identity.

Automatic Accessibility Guardrails

Ensuring accessibility can be tricky when a product is designed for white label use: with clients left to choose their own brand colors and typefaces, they might inadvertently create combinations that lack the contrast needed for accessibility compliance. Tandem’s team created guardrails to give ampliFI’s clients as much flexibility as possible without compromising accessibility. For example, we put color fall-backs in place with built-in warnings when a color combination was problematic.

Making Loyalty Rewarding

ampliFI’s rewards portal now meets the needs of their clients and their end users. Best of all, by designing the product with whitelabel use front-of-mind, ampliFI no longer has to manually build instances for new clients or updated branding. Now, clients are empowered to self-service their portal to best suit their needs.

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